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Why Quality Website Copywriting Matters for Your Business

Author:  Postview: 486 Date: April 26, 2019

While expert-searching web design is essential for achievement on the web, it’s just one-1 / 2 of the equation. Good site contents are equally, or even more important than the usual site’s appearance.

copywritting is important

Example of Site’s Rating on Google Search Engine

Excellent copywritting attracts the various search engines that drive traffic towards your website. But it is not all. It is also the tool that converts a prospect right into a customer.

Take several websites for our company as an example. SEMrush detected the friendliness score of the website in Google search engine.

East Digi Site Score

It’s East Digi friendliness rating in Google search engine.

Customer Site Score 1 month Customer Site Score 2 month

These two are the customer website, online for two months. As you can see,the Total Score is all well adapt to Google Search Engine.

Specifically, you can see the sites don’t exist serious errors that can impact your technical SEO.

The Advantages of Copywriting for Website

I believe we all can agree that bad content is equally with bad website design. A homepage that doesn’t immediately let you know what the organization does. Make certain your personal website isn’t committing exactly the same situation.

#1 Online Marketing Strategy

To begin with, professional copywriting services can create quite a strong online marketing strategy in mind. They relate to various marketing concepts. Good contents are produced utilising the company vision, features, audience, and benefits for that market. This in return will enhance your business strategy.

#2 Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Experienced copywriting services incorporate various Search Engine Optimization strategies within their texts. For example, they insert keywords in an exceedingly natural and significant way. This can make certain your internet pages are spotted by Yahoo, Google along with other search engines like google. After all, the ultimate aim of any website is to be found by search engines.

#3 Advertising Tool

As time progresses, your site will be an advertising tool. Conversely, your advertising tool shouldn’t be a frustrating or self-marketing megaphone within the desert. Good Advertising tools can push content, capture leads and convert them into sales.

#4 Professional Impression

Last and surely most important, copywriting give texts a professional impression. The websites which have accurate data are without any errors and extremely encouraging. As time passes, your internet content can give an expert image for your brand! This impact will determine if customers should stay or leave your internet page.

Customer Example

Under the structure of the w.ebsite we built, the customer’s copy modification has achieved significant improvement.

customer review

As a result, the keyword increase after the customer’s copywriting transformation is very obvious.

The following is a detailed analysis of what they have done in the copywriting and the transformation of the keywords.

One page has 55 words ranked in Google Top 100


The gold sluice appears in various forms on this page. Each product on the website is rich in content, giving users a complete reference.

keyword density

The website is updated regularly. Blog content can solve various questions of users.

The transformation of copywriting and keywords requires patience and care. A good website is not a one-time deal. You should believe that efforts will get a good result in rankings and inquiries.

Create Your Copywriting  Now

Whether it is WordPress station or Shopify station, copywriting is the same in principle and function.

Now, you should know pretty much important about the content marketing game. Remember, your content marketing will only be effective–if you have a plan.

Let’s get to it! And remember if you’re ready to get started with your content marketing strategy today, then pick up my content marketing editorial calendar template.