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How Can You Gain More Instagram Followers 2019?

Author:  Postview: 399 Date: May 30, 2019

Do you want to be famous on Instagram?

Well, who doesn’t?

So how can you get more Instagram fans without spending money? Let’s get it!

#1 Ins story is the trend

You can create multiple stories every day

What do BHLDN, hyyunah_aa, and Grant Cardone have in common?

They publish a lot of stories every day. The more stories you post, the more engagement you create, which will lead to more followers. At the same time, Ins story can be added to the backlink, which can effectively promote your website’s traffic.


How Can You Gain More Instagram Followers 2019? 1


If you want to maximize the story, keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t post all the stories at once, spread them out one by one. This will make people come back and interact with your story.
  • Combine images and videos in your story. In general, you will find that video can bring more engagement.
  • The more stories you post, the better you will be.
  • Adding polls to your story also helps increase engagement.

#2 Video is better than the picture

Everyone says you need to upload a video. Social networks such as Instagram not only compete with other social networks but also compete with traditional media and even companies such as Netflix.


How Can You Gain More Instagram Followers 2019? 2


If you upload a video, you’ll find that you get more engagement than just uploading your image.Ideally, the videos we publish need to be attractive and long-lasting.

In addition to the 60-second video, we also want to post longer videos. You have to use IGTV for this and they will drive your video even more.

This way, when someone is watching the 5-minute video you just posted. They will be able to watch their first 60 seconds.

What you have to do is upload the video to IGTV and select the “Publish Preview” option.

#3 Respond to comments

This is simple, but no one will insist on doing so. Social networks should be social networks, which means you should participate.

So, when you like what others have posted, please leave a comment.

When someone comments on one of your posts, what do you think you should do?

You should reply to them by comment.

How Can You Gain More Instagram Followers 2019? 3

By interacting with people, you are more likely to build relationships with these people, which makes them more likely to support and constantly interact with your posts.


#4: Reality LIVE

You know how to listen to programs like “American Idol” or the latest football game because it’s live. Do you want to see what’s happening in real time? This is what Instagram wants to achieve with real-time content.

Now, when you are online, Instagram is promoting it. You will have more viewers. It doesn’t matter what you say… they just want to see more people coming online.

Part of Instagram’s algorithm is the level of engagement you get from other Instagram users during the first hour of posting any content.

How Can You Gain More Instagram Followers 2019? 4

If your Instagram users have more of your followers like your pictures or videos, then you will find your content more likely to appear on the discovery page. Let people with larger accounts like your pictures or videos in the first hour of their appearance. Ask them not to like anything else during that hour. We found that if they like too many pictures or videos, then it won’t work.

Ideally, you need 5-7 people with big accounts (the bigger the better), because this job is very good.

#5  Quality is of paramount importance

Have you noticed that some images are more popular than others? Or are some videos getting more involved? Instagram is a visual social network, so the visual part is important.
Anyway, you want your images and videos to look great.

Now, they are not necessarily perfect, but you really want to make sure you publish images that people like.