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Continuous Output of Original Content in 2020 Is The Way Out for SEO Optimization

Author:  Postview: 268 Date: July 15, 2020

2019 has passed, but how do you feel that today is the first day in 2020? About the epidemic situation, on February 21, 2020, amazing good news came. Many new cases in many provinces have become zero, which is a great and exciting thing. Back to the point, continue to say SEO optimization things. It makes many webmasters confused, the road ahead is uncertain. The author of this article, will review the past, look forward to the future two aspects for your analysis.

1. Looking back-SEO optimization has serious power reduction, ranking is difficult

I will popularize the knowledge first because many SEOers are still not very clear about some basic concepts. Nowadays, webmasters have a large number of website rights reductions. A large number of all keywords are normal collection, normal snapshots. However,  abnormal rankings, all keywords that are slightly more serious. No ranking, no brand words. The lighter point is that most keyword rankings have dropped significantly. So let’s review, the more important Baidu algorithms are:

I. Green rose algorithm. Green rose algorithm is mainly to combat the behavior of the outside chain. After several rounds of attacks, the behavior of buying outside the chain is really much less than before.

II. Breeze algorithm. Breeze algorithm is mainly to combat cheating on website titles. Therefore, the title of the homepage of the website should be written as follows: core keywords + appropriate modifiers + company name. Do not appear typos, do not appear keyword stacking, try to simplify the number of words.

III. Lightning algorithm. The lightning algorithm is used to combat websites with slow opening of mobile pages. The solution is to do CDN acceleration without putting too many high-quality pictures on the mobile home page. If you have the technical ability, you can try to make Baidu mip website.

IV. Thunderbolt algorithm. Thunderbolt algorithm is used to attack brush click behavior. This must be said, because of this algorithm, many website optimization companies went bankrupt. Cheating can’t last long. Only those who do the content honestly can do it for a long time. Of course, there are still a lot of hand brush click, this can never be banned, because people are real browsing site behavior, Baidu can not detect.

V. Hurricane algorithm. Hurricane algorithm is used to combat the collection and pseudo original behavior. For honest people like us, this is a good behavior. Hurricane algorithm this gust of wind hit a large collection, pseudo original behavior. In fact, hurricane algorithm and hurricane algorithm 2.0 continue to crack down on collection and pseudo original behavior. It also shows that Baidu is paying more and more attention to high-quality original content. Prove that the idea of focusing on content is right.

2. Looking forward to the future — continuous output of long content is the most important part of SEO

If you ask us to give only one valuable strategy for SEO projects in 2020, we will consider the long content of SEO. Some people say that the content of SEO is the most important. From the current point of view, we think that the long content of SEO is the top priority.

The reason is very simple:

I. The creation cost of sustainable high-quality content is very high. It is difficult to support for small and medium-sized enterprises.

II.  Long term output of relevant content in a certain industry. It is very easy to cause the same content, resulting in repeated keywords and internal competition.

III.  In 2020, search engines tend to prefer theme-based content to keyword-based articles.

3.  Ideal content length

I. When we think about the ideal content length of an article, we may need to think about the ideal composition structure of a content article, such as:

II. Choose what type of core words, its Baidu index should be how much.

III. What kind of related keywords or long-tail words do you need to match to enrich the relevance of the topic?

IV. At the same time, what is the logical structure of your whole station, how to use the H tag, to a reasonable paragraph.

When we think about these issues, you have a clear expectation. What kind of text length do you need for a keyword and behavior structure? Therefore, we will not give an ideal range of content length. Simply understanding: your content word range depends on how you can better solve the user’s search needs.

Importance of long content

Generally speaking, why many SEO practitioners, or agree that “longer content is the top priority.” From a technical point of view

The relatively long content covers more search keywords, making the page more detailed for specific keywords. SEO is a long content, which needs a certain amount of time to read. It delays the user’s stay time and improves the user behavior index of search engine cognition.  At the same time, long content is more conducive to the sharing of social media. It often leads to the increase of brand keyword search volume, then the influence of the enterprise’s search demand.

Sometimes, with structural long content, often appears more authoritative page. Of course, here we need to clear a very simple problem: the so-called SEO long content, its premise must be to highly meet the user’s search needs, rather than the use of disorganized text, the accumulation of long content.

Long content writing skills

According to the above, we clearly know the importance of long content for SEO. So, how do we design a long content that is good for search engine friendliness? We can try the following strategies:

Solve deep requirements: for long content, a simple example: when you are describing an article with quick ranking in SEO, users may try to know the principle of quick ranking and then understand the method to achieve quick ranking. At the same time, the other party may also need to know how to calculate the cost of the implementation of the fast track project. Of course, it may also require us to further elaborate on the relevant risks.

Page readability

Although search engines can understand the terminology of most industries at present. If you are writing a general SEO long content, we think that you may need to reduce the use of professional words and avoid excessive use of terms. In particular, some professional terms difficult to understand may need to be made reasonable remarks to explain at the bottom of the article.

Content logic

long content is a double-edged sword. The page is relatively long, if your article logical structure is not clear, it is likely to cause such a problem: users spend a lot of time reading, do not know what they are reading. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the logical structure of long paragraphs.

 Content freshness

If your long content is still stating stale content, it is often nothing new for users. It not only produces a high jump out rate but also affects the return visit rate of the other party. Therefore, when we are writing long content, we must choose some novel angle to write content.


In 2020, we believe that long-term content is the top priority, and the above content is only the words of one family for your reference! We should do a good job in the basic work of SEO, learn more ideas of others, see what advanced technology others have, more communication is the best.