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The Best ‘Contact Us’ Pages You’ll Want to Learn

Author:  Postview: 577 Date: June 26, 2019

When you think of great website design, you might think of the website’s home page, their blog, or their product page.

But what about the “Contact Us” page on the website?
Unlock some of the more inspiring “Contact Us” page examples to help you reimagine your power.

In too many cases, the website places the contact page near the bottom of the priority list in terms of copywriting and design. Consider how many contact pages you stumbled upon, and they are more casual to build, even if the rest of the site is beautiful and up-to-date.

My friends, this is a huge mistake. Your “Contact Us” page is one of the most important pages on your site. For most companies, it’s usually one of the largest website pages except for the main business.

Best Practices for Contact Forms

Check out the list of elements shared by the following successful contact pages. Learn about the features and best practices you should keep in mind in your own web forms. Great contact form usually…

– It’s easy to find so visitors can get in touch quickly when they need it.

– Explain why someone should contact them and describe how they can help solve a visitor’s problem.

– Includes email and phone numbers so visitors can quickly find the right information.

– Use a short form that helps business people understand the fields of the contact.

– If the user chooses not to fill out the form, please provide a call-to-action to give the visitor additional options.

– Demonstrate the company’s thought leadership, whether by listing recent blog posts or articles about the company in the press.

– Link to active social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to give visitors a way to interact with the business.

– Redirect to the thank you page, which explains when and how you contact them and links to useful content and resources.

– Creative and memorable, so visitors connect your brand to positive or interesting memories.

– Showcase what your brand is doing so that visitors and potential customers know about your work before they get in touch.

– Avoid using unnecessary fields and words so your pages are as simple and straightforward as possible – no problem!

Now that we understand the best practices, let’s review some examples of some of the most effective contact pages on the Internet. It’s time to get inspiration.

1. Morroni



To be honest, most people would rather fill out a form instead of calling someone to talk. When you choose to ask people’s content in a form, make sure this form helps you understand who you are contacting – even helping you see it as a potential lead.

Of course, some people like to pick up the phone. So there will be a pleasant verification before the phone number. Like Morroni, there is a reaction test to determine if the visitor is a human: “How is your math? 2 + 5 =?”.

2. Pixpa

The Best 'Contact Us' Pages You'll Want to Learn 1

You will be surprised to find out how many “contact us” pages do not contain a call-to-action. Although the main purpose of your contact page is to help people get in touch with your company, there will always be someone who logs in and doesn’t want to fill out the form. A small secondary CTA can be well adapted.

It can be as simple as a button to your blog. Or, it can lead people to demonstrate your product, download an operating guide or watch a video. Pixpa users choose to add CTA at the bottom of the “Contact Us” page for a free trial. This way, they can provide value to the people who land on the page, and they really just want to talk directly to the sales representative.

 3. Legalia


This is a contact page with a clean design. All the information you need to know, including the short form, will be integrated into a smaller space that won’t be crowded. One way they achieve this is to change the large image of the building to a location map.

International codes are important in international affairs. See how Legalia prefixes its country code when listing its contact phone number.

4. Yeti


Yeti sells coolers and drinks designed for outdoor activities. Its “Contact Us” page retains a cool outdoor brand. They use clever slogans that encourage visitors to lend a helping hand(”While we’re good with smoke signals, there are simpler ways for us to get in touch and answer your questions.”). What’s more, they use a variety of different ways to connect across platforms.

The beautiful image of the mountain hikers with the Yeti cooler is juxtaposed with a clean white background, so that website visitors can clearly understand the contact information and CTA. And linking to Yeti’s knowledge base can help them find answers quickly and easily.

5. Scribd


Similar to the rest of the Scribd website, their contact page is very appealing. The top of the page contains the location of the company’s headquarters on Google Maps. They also clearly stated their address and provided a link to all social media material for website visitors.

Below is an interactive and engaging organized map where users can select the resources they need, chat with customer service staff or send email addresses to customer service. Scribd ensures that their website visitors can get the help they need on their contact page, which saves visitors and Scribd time. Not only that, the contact form design is both fun and unique.

6. Achieve3000

achieve3000-contact-us-page-update.png (690×1723)

Like many businesses, Achieve3000 has many different types of people visiting their websites – — and what these people want to contact them about can vary widely. That’s why they decided to go deeper than the one-size-fits-all approach.

Below this beautiful image, along with some text explaining what visitors will get when they contact them. You can find three options: you can apply for a demo, you can contact a sales representative, or you can contact customer support. Each one of these options leads to a separate landing page. This is a great way to meet the most common needs of various web visitors.

Summary: Contact Form Design & Winning Pages

Regardless of your industry or your buyer’s character, every business should strive for a great “Contact Us” page. The well-thought-out contact form design allows you to easily interact with your audience and build positive, lasting relationships with them.

Everything on your website should be carefully designed to maintain a professional feel – this means that every detail relates to your contact form design.